Ma Shakti Devi

Ma Shakti Devi


Ma Shakti Devi is the founder of Integrated School of Yoga®. She founded the school in 2008, along with the USA Artistic Yoga Federation and Yogatherapy Utah. Ma Shakti is considered the mother of Integral Yoga and Artistic Yoga in USA, since she is the one responsible for brining these yogas to American soil where they have been considered a very valuable addition to the way Yoga is understood. Integrated School of Yoga­® has produced a large number of quality yoga instructors who have made an impact on the surrounding Yoga culture. In 2013, she produced her first mantra cd with her musician student Hayley Haws Miller “Maya Devi” called Ganesha Yoga Mantras.
She has achieved a Master of Yoga and command over many different styles and methods, including Traditional Hatha Yoga, Kundalina Laya Yoga, Raja Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Artistic Yoga, Integral Yoga, and Yogatherapy. She has obtained the honorary title Swamini, which means Master of Your Own Energy.

In 2008 Ma Shakti Devi won the World Championship of Yoga Asanas and the 2007 Artistic Yoga Third Place. She was responsible for the organization of the first United States of America Yoga Championships and USA Artistic Yoga Championships, where she taught everyone to see that it is just a game amongst friends, and a way to make ourselves better physically, mentally, and spiritually. She was awarded by the Indian Yoga Federation for the organization of this 5,000 year old tradition of yoga games in USA.

In 2014 Ma Shakti created her own method of Yoga, with the go ahead of her teachers. It is called Ananda Shakti Yoga. It is a Tantra Yoga which includes revolutionary techniques that work not only the unconscious but conscious and analytical mind. Classes of Ananda Shakti include a set of 30 mysterious mudras, and she is currently working on the publication of her book “The Ananda Shakti Mudras”.

-written by Selma Kubilay of Artha Yoga Meditation (Istanbul,Turkey)
Graduate of Integrated School of Yoga™

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